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Oval Scale Rules

Oval Scale Rules are the most popular and economical in the range, available in lengths of 150mm and 300mm and printed in full colour on one or both sides.


Triangular Scale Rules

Triangular Scale Rulers have a three dimensional star shaped section with scales on five faces and one blank face for branding.


Rapid Rule & Rotarule

Rapid Rule, often referred to as Rotarule, is a top of the range extruded aluminium scale rule with a unique revolving rod for changing the various scales.



Datascales comprises a range of calculator wheels and slide gauges, the most popular being the Lead Time Calculator. A more extensive range can be found at datascales.com.au.


Wooden Rules

We have a selection of Folding Rulers and 150mm Wooden Scale Rules.


Aluminium & Stainless Steel

Aluminium and Stainless Steel scale rulers are custom made to suit individual requirements. The range includes the popular Tool Joint Identifier for checking thread types on tool joints.

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